Patient Confidentiality And Data Protection

We ask you for personal information so that you can receive appropriate care and treatment. This information is recorded on computer and we are registered under the Data Protection Act 1998. The practice will ensure that patient confidentiality is maintained at all times by all members of the practice team. However, for the effective functioning of a multi-disciplinary team it is sometimes necessary that medical information about you is shared between members of the practice team.

Sharing Of Information

Details of patient records may be shared with other health service professionals eg district nurses, health visitor, midwife or hospital staff in the process of patient care. You have a right to request that such information may be withheld.

Use Of Information About Patients

Personnel from the CCG will regularly visit GP practices in the area to carry out checks on some payments made to GPs. This is part of their routine work and is required by the government to provide assurance that public money is used properly. They need to look at a random selection of patients’ medical records in the practice to do this work. This may require them to look at your medical records with the help of a nominated doctor. Everyone working for the NHS has a legal duty to keep information about you confidential and you have the right to say no if you do not want them to look at your medical records. If you would like to know more about access to your medical records you can speak to the person in charge of your care.